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January 1, 2016


i know i didn’t post on this blog much but 2015 was quite a year! i had so many wonderful experiences, made a lot of lasting memories and learned to really love and cherish those close to me. there were also some hard moments but those only made the good moments sweeter. here are a few highlights from each month of 2015. greatly looking forward to 2016 and praying for joy, health, peace and love in this coming year.

 photo DF865AD4-B1C8-4625-8DBB-C57EA2DE4399_zpsyrysmqcd.jpg

went back for my second semester at UC.  went to the detroit auto show.
got a whole week of snow days!
 photo 06999903-2835-4F9B-A184-DAF2F9640EE4_zps0d0edbkh.jpg
visited my friend emily in cedarville.  spent a day in columbus.
 photo DCC1AEFD-6EFC-4CBB-9A80-5BA2A1341D75_zpsklfotbhs.jpg
had a blast at my sorority’s spring formal.  moved out of my house in cincinnati.
watched my friends from cedarville graduate.  started summer classes at art center.  spent a day at disneyland.
 photo CC25D522-ECCB-4597-92B3-A205485ED1E1_zpsglw3fsfk.jpg
turned 22.  started dating the most wonderful guy i know.  had my friend ingliv stay for a few weeks.  took a road trip to northern california.
 photo 07566594-722E-48BA-A550-E7243078F322_zpsayeub6sf.jpg
visited the santa monica farmers market. spent lots of time at the beach.
 photo ECC91570-9AFF-4E26-9958-93783EF62393_zpslfcboedd.jpg
spent a week with my sorority sisters.  met up with brendan for the first time in ohio.  moved into a new apartment.
 photo E02C9131-5C08-4E88-A16E-D5681333C1E0_zpspty0miqy.jpg
started my third semester of college.  had the flu for two weeks.  helped recruit an amazing new pledge class with my theta sisters.
 photo 89BF713A-20C0-4604-AE31-BE19B9225523_zpsebsv3sa9.jpg

prepared a portfolio and started job searching.  got a co-op in rhode island!  visited nashville with brendan.
 photo D8D7F87F-BA93-495D-9167-5FFB6B6C3424_zps2ohedphb.jpg
was invited to be apart of a design think tank for a major company.  got an amazing little in my sorority.  went to canada for thanksgiving.
 photo 35231019-B0CA-48E1-A56A-B5B105C33BEF_zpsgogqlrnr.jpg
went to formal with brendan.  survived two weeks of ‘hell week’.  celebrated christmas with my wonderful family.  rang in the new year with brendan in california.
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December 31, 2014

2014 in review

even before 2014 started, i knew it was gonna be a good year. literally as soon as i woke up on new year’s day, i received an email from the director of my program in france that the course would be ending six months early. in that moment, along with a million other emotions, i knew it was going to be a very different year than i expected. if i’m being honest, i was so relieved that it was ending and that i had the opportunity to start new adventures. and adventure there were, along with new friends, hours of hard work, great travels, unexpected blessings and dreams coming true. looking back on this year is so bittersweet because 2014 seems unbeatable. i know God has so much in store in this coming year and all the years after that but 2014 will always hold a special place in my heart. here are a few highlights and favorite pictures of my year from january to december

 photo 56644cff-1e2f-41c7-9e2a-00b242928b6a_zps45bcaffe.jpg
found out i wasn’t going back to france. decided to study in england for a semester. spent an extra 3 weeks in california. left for england.
 photo 1549471_10152654206138625_1900699759_n_zps42f27494.jpg
arrived in york, england. met new friends. went to an awesome valentine’s party. discovered great coffee shops. made dinners with my roommates. explored york.
 photo HSO_3037_zpse43b4052.jpg
watched the daffodils pop up around york. cooked a traditional german dinner with german friends. traveled to iraq for outreach week. visited the capital of kurdistan. 
 photo IMG_3489-3_zps2e9a8c32.jpg
discovered my favorite coffee shop: brew and brownie. went to the yorkshire dales for speakers week. had a beautiful easter. 
 photo 1HSO_5270_zps3499e464.jpg
tried to figure out what i was going to do next with my life. found out i got into university of cincinnati. said many sad goodbyes. left england. spent a week in paris with emily.
 photo 2263a1b7-e762-4f3e-b0fe-4313eff3c5b2_zps8318a18d.jpg
saw the fault in our stars on opening day. turned 21. emily arrived in california for her summer internship. visited the new anaheim packing house. 
 photo D268FFDE-887A-4C63-8AC9-9B7BDC0FCF98_zps814c53f9.jpg
went to the sawdust festival. was a wedding coordinator for a wedding in san diego. spent a girl’s weekend in palm springs for kayla’s 21st. visited carmel for a week.
 photo 84E68440-C08D-4A2C-944E-9C5C8659985E_zpsca164768.jpg
road tripped out to ohio with my mom. visited santa fe and springfield, mo. started university of cincinnati. moved into a new house. 
 photo cfb65bd6-79cf-40eb-b636-4850aa97893a_zpsc504377e.jpg
pulled my first all nighter. participated in sorority rush. joined kappa alpha theta. visited cedarville for the first time since i was a student there.
 photo E6C846BE-A224-46D0-8A4D-793B19467173_zpse1lvqrdt.jpg
was initiated into theta. went on a church retreat in the mountains. walked in a fashion show. went to a few halloween parties as tinker belle.
 photo 1BC3B038-D8BB-48C6-8C3C-76806F8E26AD_zps1oli25ji.jpg
had a blast at my sorority’s winter semi formal. spent thanksgiving break with friends in connecticut. experienced my first snow in cincinnati. broke my car’s window.

 photo bcb72590-91e2-4b8d-9400-123788069238_zps5e34584d.jpg
survived finals week. had our end of semester show. got on the deans list. came home to california. spent christmas with family.

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December 18, 2014

grateful for…

 photo 756EBD0C-225A-47D0-9696-FC6F87CB4742_zps1hczxk9d.jpg
i’m home for christmas break and i couldn’t be happier! i love school so much but there is something wonderful about being home for the holidays. it’s so beautiful and warm here and it’s nice to move at a slower pace, at least for a few short weeks till i fly out again. here are a few things i’m most thankful for over these past few weeks

1. getting on the dean’s list for this semester (!!!)
2. the new nespresso store at fashion island
3. spending time with friends and family
4. christmas playlists filled with new and old favorites
5. sales at j. crew
6. impromptu mid week visits with friends at cedarville
7. twilight walks at balboa island
8. suja juices
9. my bangs finally getting to a manageable length
10. one week till Christmas!

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November 27, 2014

thanksgiving thankfulness

 photo PhotoNov27-2_zpsc069cdda.jpg

happy thanksgiving people! i’m currently in connecticut enjoying my six day break with my friend julia and her gracious family in the adorable cottage above. as my last post alluded to, this semester has been a whirlwind of craziness so its nice to rest and have some downtime before the final push to the end of the semester. in honor of thanksgiving, here are a few things, great and small, that i am most thankful for

  • my amazing, wonderful, supportive family back home
  • getting into the industrial design school of my dreams
  • the vast array of friends God has gifted me with, from lifelong friends back home in california to my awesome cedarville girlies to relationships i have made on my travels and new friends at college from daap, my sorority, my church groups and everywhere in between
  • my iPhone, for capturing the moments i would otherwise miss and keeping me organized and sane
  • having As on every project thus far
  • the opportunities i have gotten to travel and the many more to come 
  • living in a city with a whole foods and a trader joe’s
  • the immense love for design, art and aesthetics God has blessed me with
  • having a car at school that is my saving grace
  • getting in to such a great sorority
  • discovering quest bars for my days when food is the last thing on my to do list
  • julia and her family, and all the people who have graciously hosted me over the years
  • urban outfitters sale rack
  • finding hidden gems to do homework at like coffee emporium and sidewinder coffee
  • Jesus Christ, for being my Savior and best friend and walking with my every step on this crazy journey we call life
what are you thankful for?
past thanksgiving posts here
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August 9, 2014


 photo 3bdf2edc-f944-4769-ad65-30999ee2d95c.jpg

eating // scallops! probably a product of watching too much top chef
drinking // lots of iced coffee from my new nespresso vertuo
practicing // yoga outside in 100 degree palm springs weather (yikes!)
learning // lazy days are sometimes the best days
playing // iggy azalea, arctic monkeys and riptide by vance joy
reading // eat to live and the beginning of everything
walking // crystal cove state beach
loving // being in the same place as so many of my friends
cooking // life changing bread
wearing // lacy shorts and birks
craving // farmers market fruit (especially green figs)
working // as a wedding coordinator and florist! so fun
traveling // up the coast (big sur, carmel, slo) and out to the dessert (palm springs)
anticipating // the road trip to ohio and COLLEGE!!

{photo via this sweet girl}
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April 24, 2014


 photo 69a6fc45-309a-4be9-9264-5b61fb92fea8.jpg

eating // all kinds of veggies and even more kinds of british chocolate
drinking // yorkshire gold tea (when in rome, right?)
practicing // patience and diligence
learning // british slang from the wonderful brits in my life
playing // the band brolly on repeat
finishing // my big apologetics paper. wish me luck
reading // this momentary marriage out loud with my roommates and les mis on my own *still*
walking // to the minster daily to pray and read
loving // all the wonderful relationships i’ve made in such a short period of time
cooking // nightly feasts with my roomies
wearing // basically the same thing everyday: dress + tights + flats
working // on homework at caffe nero or one of the many other cute coffee shops in town
traveling // to paris in may *fingers crossed*
wanting // to take my camera out more and for this semester to never end

{photo via jose villa}
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December 15, 2013

grateful for…

 photo 3c503b29e9744a0bd267f48769b72e1e.jpg

1. christmas markets
2. randomly warm days
3. my package from home finally arriving after over a month
4. roasted chestnuts
5. rick steve’s european christmas
6. this book i can’t put down
7. miraculously getting an appointment for my visa checkup
8. crazy late nights with friends
9. the heater in my room that has become my constant companion
10. home in 5 days, christmas in 10 days!

//photo via pinterest//


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November 21, 2013

grateful for…

 photo 1ea058cc-cefb-4992-9203-a67f22fa4d34.jpg

1. white fir candles
2. meeting (and going to church with) a fellow christian in my french class
3. the magic of christmas music
4. finally finding a great book to snuggle up with
5. the chocolate convention i stumbled into by accident over the weekend (so yum)
6. going home for christmas (t-minus one month)
7. staying warm and dry inside during torrential rain
8. finding yogi tea at a local bio shop (and the free mug with purchase)
9. the dwindling size of my french class
10. what a good mood the lady i live with has been in lately

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October 25, 2013


 photo c56dda36af3d932b4d14ac4073f4262e.jpg

eating / excellent macarons and all things nutella
drinking / espresso by morning and vanilla tea by night
practicing / french. lots of french.
mastering / the art of the weekly meal plan and conjugating verbs.
learning / something new everyday
playing / irish music on pandora and lots of nirvana
finishing / my homework every night before bed. a skill i wish i would have adopted in high school.
reading / a scandalous freedom by steve brown and les miserables (when in rome, right?)
walking / just about everywhere. vieux nice is my favorite place for a stroll
cooking / stews and soups and all things pumpkin (from my homemade pumpkin puree)
wearing / stripes and scarves and knee high boots.
working / on homework and drawings and keeping my space (both virtual and actual) neat and tidy
traveling / around the city by bus thanks to my nifty new bus pass
wanting / to find canned pumpkin and continue feeling blessed daily by this wonderful experience

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September 2, 2013

grateful for…

 photo HSO_0828.jpg

1. getting my visa for france (!!!)
2. homemade lemonade popsicle from my zoku
3. iced coffee after walks on balboa island
4. glorious new music pouring out of my record player
5. red lipstick that cheers up any outfit
6. fans on swelteringly hot days
7. afternoons of exploring in big sur
8. dairy free flavors at yogurtland
9. getting together with some of my new zealand girlies
10. inspiring documentaries like this one

what are you grateful for?
photo of me taken in big sur